ProductsElectric Wire Rope

R Type Series Regular type Utilitarian type 1t  ∼ 2.8(3)t

Traverse brake

Disc type voltage drive DC brake The brake torque can be adjusted.

Tie Bolts

Secured by a grooved nut and split pin.

Control box

Cover secured by a catchclip fastener for easy opening.

DC Electromagnet

Designed for easy maintenance and long service life.

Cable for push button switch

Vibration-proof cable (With a built-in protective wire)

Electromagnetic brake

Disc brake with an auto adjustment device.

Push button switch

Plastic case

HoistING Motor

High-resistance squirrel cago type induction motor, class F insulation The ball bearing contains heat-resisting grease.

Wire rope

Parallel stranded rope is used. The rope end is clamped by pressure welding.

Traverse deceleration section

Grease lubrication, simple 2-step deceleration, and closed gear box.

Traversing Motor

Squirrel cago type induction motor class B insulation.

Hoisting deceleration section

Grease lubrication, simple 2-step deceleration.

Drum Casing

Built of rugged steel plate.

Hoisting limit switch

2-step hoisting limit switch (Avoid using this switch for regular use.)

Hook block

Hook with an all-surface cover and a hook latch.

R type Copes with both one-class higher capability and economical efficiency.

1 Rope specification of 1t 2falls is 6XFi(29)
Note 1:High lift models (Low-head type1 ∼ 2.8t,Double rail type2.8t) are not available.

Standard Specifications

  • Power supply
    • **** 3-Phase 200V 50/60Hz control 200V, 220V 60Hz control 220V (400V class is also available)
    • **** 3-Phase 400V 50/60Hz control 200V, 440V 60Hz control 220V
    • **** 3-Phase 380V 50Hz control 48V (100V and 24V are also available)
  • Operating method Push button switch operations.

    1/2t  ∼ 3t

    Suspended type
    Frame mounted type

    2 Points

    U D

    Motor operated traversing hoist

    6 Points

    U D E W S N

  • Rating
    *** 30 min. (JIS C 9620)
  • Power supply system
    *** Both trolley feeding and cable feeding are available. However, neither trolley nor cable is attached.
  • Enclosure
    *** Simplified outdoor type (JISC 0920, Equivalent to IP44) (Rainproof cover is required, when it is used in the open air.)
  • Applicable standard
    *** JIS C 9620 electric hoist/crane structure standard
  • Color coating
    *** Main body: Metallic gray (Equivalent to Munsell N4.0)
    Hook block: Munsell 7.5YR7/14
    Pushbutton: Equivalent to Munsell 7.5YR7/14
  • Ambient air temperature
    *** -10°C to 40°C (Non congelation)
  • Ambient relative humidity
    *** 90% or less (Non condensing)
Note: These hoists cannot be used for lift (elevator for passengers.)