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U2,HU2 Type Series Ultra type 1/2t  ∼ 60t

Included over load prevention function as standard equipment

Adoption of S type body

This series is based on the model S, high-performance parent body which features highest-in-class hoisting speed, power, and durability, and withstands repeated operations.

Resistance unit

  • Cement resistances are
    unitized for downsizing.
    (For hoist rated for 10 ton or less)
  • Adoption of the connector
    system facilitates hoist work.
    (For hoists rated for 10 ton or less)

Control panel integrating purpose-built inverter

  • The control panel, made compact with an integrated inverter only for hoist, has improved environmental resistance.
  • Simple parameter setting operation
    *Allows operating speed to be specified freely
    *Allows selection of light-load high-speed function.
    *Allows the position detection point to be specified freely.
  • Troubleshooting facilitated by abnormality display.

Low-wearing electromagnet brake

  • Heat-generation and wear are small under severe inching operations accompanied by braking operations at low motor-speeds in the inverter-driven power train. (However, frequent use of the unloaded high-speed function may result in increased brake disk wear.)
  • Hoists rated for 7.5 ton or more are equipped with an emergency brake.

Rotating sensor

  • Full-time monitoring of hoist motor motion; detects abnormalities and stops the machine if necessary as a safety precaution.
  • Detects position using rotation pulses; reduces machine speed when approaching the upper or the lower limit and stops it there.
  • Detects light-load and automatically operates light-load high-speed.

Smooth operation

  • Infinitesimal and light-moving inching operations
  • Smooth changeover between high-and low-speed operations

Introduction of UA type 45 kW series

• 45 kW hoisting motor has further improved machine speed



Hoisting speed m/min

Hooting Motor




















* Outside dimensions of this hoist differ from those listed on this catalog; contact us for further information.
* A general-purpose inverter will be installed.
* Some functions of this hoist differ from those on other Soukai-TEI products.

Manufacturing specifications for typical large-capacity hoists 



Hoisting speed m/min

Hooting Motor









Light-load high-speed function 6m/min


* 400 V series are also available; contact us for further information.

Note: AC Reactor

The inverter hoist might be damaged when it is connected directly with the large capacity power transformer (more than 500kVA transformer), there is a switch of the phase advance capacitor and the excessive peak current inflows into the power supply input circuit. In such caces, please make sure that the AC reactor is installed on the primary side of the inverter hoist.

Power supply


capacity (kVA)

Range of installation of reactor
Length of wiring (m)

Inverter hoist that develops new use and new field


1 Please note that 40t is 8falls and 45t is 6falls. (Please contact us for 60t separately.)
2 Please contact us for 50t and 60t separately
3 Rope specification of 1t 2falls is 6 X Fi (29)

Standard Specifications

  • Power supply
    • *** 3-phase 200V 50/60Hz control 200V,220V 60Hz control 220V (400Vclass is also available)
    • *** 3-phase 400V 50/60Hz control 200V, 440V 60Hz control 220V
    • *** 3-phase 380V 50Hz control 48V(100V and 24V are also available)
  • Operating method Push button switch operation.

    1/2t  ∼ 3t

    5t    ∼ 45t

    Suspended type
    Frame mounted type

    2 Points

    4 Points

    U D

    ON OFF U D

    Motor operated traversing hoist

    6 Points

    8 Points

    U D E W S N

    ON OFF U D E W S N

    * Above push buttons are all 2 step push buttons excluding "ON" and "OFF"
  • Rating
    Hosting (less than 5t) 40%ED (63% of load rating). 400S/Hr
    (More than 7.5t) 25%ED (63% of load rating). 150S/Hr JIS C 9620
  • Power supply system
    ***Cable feeding, trolley feeding(only double trolly)
  • Ambient air temperature
    *** -10°C to 40°C (Non congelation)
  • Ambient air humidity
    ***90% or less (Non condensing)
  • Enclosure
    ***Simplified out door type (JIS C 0920. Equivalent to IP-44)
  • Please prepare the shelter place or the instlation of rain cover when it is used in outdoor.
  • Applicable standard
    ***JIS C 9620 electric hoist/crane structure standard.
  • Color coating
    ***Main body: Metallic gray (Equivalent to Munsell N4.0)
    Hook block: Munsell7.5YR7/14
    Pushbutton: Equivalent to Munsell7.5YR7/13
Note: There are differences between 200V class and 400V (380V) class in outline and specifications, etc. Please contact us for 400V (380V) class separately.

U2 • HU2 Type (200V/400 class)


Features of U2•HU2 type

1 Overload prevention function is included as standard.

Mitsubishi inverter hoists have an overload prevention function as standard, which stops hoisting when an overload is detected.
The overload judgment value is adjustable within a range from 100 to 125 percent of the rated load.
The overload detection signal is output by terminal [OUT3].
It can be set to stop the hoisting operation when an overload is detected.
(The factory setting is that the hoisting is not stopped even if an overload is detected.)

2 Reduction of shock at starting and stopping

Mitsubishi inverter hoists can reduce the shock and shaking of the hoisting load considerably. Therefore, they are very useful for delicate load positioning and the load position can be controlled as you like.

3 Adjustable hoisting speed

Hoisting speed can be adjusted freely in a range from minimum speed to standard speed. This allows operators to select the most suitable speed for their jobs.
Switching between high and low speed is facilitated by a two stage push button operation.

4 Highly controllable inching operation

Mitsubishi inverter hoists enable highly controllable inching operation, enabling delicate load positioning with ease. The traversing inverter allows sharp speed reduction by pushing the opposite direction button.

5 Low wearing brake and machine parts

Mitsubishi inverter hoists can improve durability of brake discs, wire ropes, gears and sheaves because Mitsubishi inverter hoists drastically reduce load shock. (However, frequent use of light load, high speed mode may increase brake disc wear.)
Unlike conventional hoists (non inverter hoists), it is not necessary to replace the electromagnetic contacts.
Simplified design has reduced the number of parts, contributing to reduced failure risk and extended life span of many parts. Brake disc wear can be checked easily through a window on the brake box.
(The pressure plate and brake disc have wear limit indications. The window allows you to check whether the adjustment ring has dropped.)

6 Electronic limit switches (for upper and lower limits)

Electronic limit switches can decelerate and stop the hook automatically by detecting the hook position.
All position settings (deceleration and stop positions) can be controlled at the same time, allowing you to replace the wire rope with ease.
Unnecessary position settings can be canceled. For example, only the setting of the lower limit stop position is required when other positions are not used.

7 Light load, high speed operation function (Automatic speed change function)

This function detects the load and changes the hoisting speed automatically when the load is between 0% and 25% of the rated load. If hoist is less than 7.5 tons, hoisting speeds are changed automatically to 1.5x faster than standard speeds. And if over 10 ton hoists, they are changed to 2x faster than standard speeds. The judgment value is changeable in the range of 25% to 50% (in use) of the rated load for users who use a load handling device. This function can be used even under combined hoisting operation.
It can be set to output "R" phase voltage from the "OUT 3" terminal when the load value is judged.
It can prevent the case where only one side of the hoist changes to high speed automatically if each hoist's "OUT 3" is connected to the other side of terminal "IN 4".
The operation frequency of the light load, high speed operation function can be changed. (It is possible that hoists with special long lifts cannot equip the light load, high speed operation function.)

8 Numerous output signals

Signals are output from OUT1 at the upper limit stop point, and from OUT 2 at the lower limit.
Signals are output from OUT3 when overload evaluation is carried out, and from OUT4 during operation. Settings can be changed to get signals from OUT3 when light loading evaluation is done.

9 Speed coordination function

This function is to restrict the load slope attributed to combined hoisting operation.
The low hoisting speed and low lowering speed are within ±20% (within JIS stipulated range).
This function also enables very stable hoisting and lowering speed (within ±1%).

10 Environmental considerations

Efforts to remove environmental toxins from our products continued.
(Solders for printed-circuit boards, alloys for wire rope ends, and coating materials were modified to be lead-free. Hexavalent chrome plating was changed to trivalent chrome plating.)
Brake discs and packing do not contain asbestos.
Mitsubishi hoisting motors save energy by designing to restrict motor temperature rises during inching operation.

11 Protection function This function is to stop the hoist temporarily for safety when the hoist detects power failure, abnormal power supply voltage and over current, etc.
Error canceling can be stopped by pushing the button excluding some error mode.
(When a stop mode is required to reset the power, checking the hoist is recommended.)

Rotation sensor
The rotation sensor
monitors U2 type functions.

The rotation sensor's encoder constantly monitors rotation speed and direction of the motor shaft (the first gear shaft), displaying the following functions:






Drop detection function

If rotation is in the "down" direction despite an "up" pushbutton command, this function immediately activates the hoist brake, preventing the load from dropping.



Electronic limit switch (for the upper and the lower limit)

This switch totals the number of rotation pulses and decelerate or stop at the specified deceleration or stop position, and stores the travel distance.



Unloaded high-speed function
Light-load high-speed function

The amount of motor slip depends on the magnitude of the load. When the amount of slip falls below a preset level, the hoist is automatically judged to be in unloaded state, it switches over to high speed mode.




Speed-coordination function

This revises frequency to maintain constant speed when the load changes.

Operation patterns changed by the pushbutton operation

Operation history display function

Failure history display:
When a failure occurs, stopping the hoist, this function helps to track down the cause of failure by showing the history of past failures. It helps solve the problem when a failure has occurred.

Error history output:
The number of times of operation and the time when an error occurred are output.

Number of starts/operating hours display:
This display shows the hoist's working history. It is also useful in determining when to replace consumables.

*Contact us for a specially-built product.

U2 TYPE application examples

Factory building with an office on the upper level (The building does not shake.)

Plating line and metal mold machining line

Transportation of fragile items like glass products (No-shocks are transmitted to the hoisted load)

Accurate positioning (The hoisted load does not shake.)


*Improved ease of use

Synchronous by speed-coordination function
Controls tilt of load when hoisted by two or more hoists.

Multi-stage speed function
This function is useful in automatic operations using a sequencer; for one of eight-stage inputs for either hoisting or lowering a load, the machine can be operated at the desired speed.

Position detection multi-point output
Using an ELS circuit board, this function provides operation information on how the machine is being used.

Rotation signal output
Using a BTS circuit board, this function allows a two-phase signal to be sent to the sequencer or similar devices.

Hoist-specific inverter control panel

*The compactly-designed control panel is also vibration resistant.
*Parameter settings have been simplified, requiring only four buttons.

Attention in use
• The inverter hoist doesn't stop the push-button of turning off at once. It stops as the cushion working, and operate in consideration of the stopping distance, please.
• Using memory unit of the microcomputer data, Please avoid the entering cutting of a needless power supply. (The longevity frequency of the memory unit is 100,000 times in the power supply interception.)
• Notes concerning the noise *** Disorder and the malfunction of the voice might be caused by the setting condition in a nearby television and an electronic equipment including the radio etc. For this case, we will recommend the installation of the noise filter.