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The transfer carts of GH allow movement charges at ground level in all types of industries and applications. The transfer carts are rugged and modular construction, available in a wide range of products also can be adapted to suit your need. Transfer Carts on rails (straight shifts), capacities from 10 tons to 60 tons, can be either powered by batteries or cable reel. Directional (free movement) transfer carts, range from 10 tons to 40 tons, only available in battery powered version.

Directional transfer Carts, battery powered
We manufacture directional transfer Carts (fixed displacement) from 10 t. up to 60 t. Are autonomous and operate using battery power and can move freely on smooth floors, inside or outside of the ship.

Battery powered transfer carts on rails
The transfer carts on rails (straight shifts) are manufactured in capacities from 10 t. up to 100 t. Its power supply is produced by the battery and movement is made by rail.

Cable reel powered transfer cart on rails
Our Transfer carts on rails (straight shifts) capabilities ranging from 10 t. up to 100 t. They can be powered by winding or by
armored line.

Rail vehicle transfer carts
GH also manufactures rail vehicle transfer carts with capacities ranging from 60 to 150 tons, mainly used for moving trains for maintenance work. They are quick, safe and easy to move.