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Training course for comercial sales team in Southeast Asia

There is a training sessions from 5 to 9 of May at the headquarters of GH for all the sales team in Southeast Asia

This is first time we joint the commercial team in this area, and also is the first time they meet each other, so it is intended to contribute their personal experiences to establish a common business strategy and trade.

The program for these days is structured by different phases:

  • Visit GH facilities and meet manufacturing processes of our products.
  • Introducing the new range of GH hoists (GHB11, GHA12 y GHD13), and advances in R&D department proposals for 2015 and 2016.
  • Train the knowledge of GH comercial products, and know the advantages and disadvantages of our competition products.
  • Visit factories and facilities of sectors in which GH has great presence, such as waste energy, public Works, paper mills, shipyards, automotive…etc, in which GH is a European leader.


Who have atended the training course?

  • SBU Head GH India
  • South GM, GH India
  • Deputy Sales Director GH China
  • GH Dealer in Indonesia (STAHLINDO CEO)
  • GH Dealer in Singapore (MPH, Cranes Sales Engineer)
  • GH Dealer in Singapore (MPH, Mger., Sales Support)
  • GH Dealer in Thailand (LMT, Sales Executive)
  • GH Dealer in Thailand (LMT, Sales Executive)
  • GH Dealer in Malaysia (SHIMBA, General Manager)
  • GH Dealer in Malaysia (SHIMBA, Sales Manager)
  • GH South East Asia (Sales)

As responsible sales manager of each Area:

Gorka Zabaleta: Responsible of South Asia area

Marc Esque: Responsibleof India

Samuel sevillano: Responsible of China area