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  1. Implementation and Objectives.
    The company maintains its leadership as an electrical industrial crane service provider. This is by supporting the growth of demand and development of advanced industrial standards both within Thailand and the region with a ready response and quality products and components, application and selection.

    For optimum operation, highest efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the company adheres to a strict policy of attention to detail and observes international industrial standard ISO 9001:2000 in all aspects of its operation. Together with experience, professionalism and detailed practical knowledge the result is high quality and constant advancement, in line with the objective and philosophy of the company: To Achieve and Maintain the Highest Satisfaction of our Customers

  2. Quality Control Process
    To provide and select the right product for the entire process of production and use, all staff must be qualified to conduct detailed testing and examination. This will guarantee the customers trust in the quality of the crane-work and this in turn will ensure efficient installation and customer confidence in long-time use.

  3. Co-Operation and Human Resources
    To achieve our goals and to provide the promotion of the learning process and personnel development at every level of the organization, continuous training courses are conducted both on the company premises and at outside institutions. With the Co-Operation of King Mongkuts Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) and the Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan), or TPA, Thai-German Institute (TGI) and Industrial Promotion Department continuous training courses have been launched, with training conducted by expert specialists from our overseas producers in Japan, Europe and Taiwan.

    These courses include study-trips for staff development in various commercial organizations and study-trips abroad. Such training plays an important part in developing the abilities and harnessing the potential of the companys staff.

  4. Business Policy and Service Mind
    Company policy emphasizes quality of work, selection by technology, selection of the right product as well as the correct application of knowledge and professionalism, to ensure standards and bring about the desired result. This leads directly to trust and confidence in the organization to meet the companies philosophy and business policy of :
    • Timeliness / Ability to Deliver on Time
    • Getting it Right from the Beginning / Do It Right at the First Time
    • Highest Satisfaction of the Customer
    • Quality and After-Sales Service