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  • Why LEE?
  • Answer.

    We are the leader in hoists & crane industry in Thailand We do not only build the excellent product, but also have full responsibility for its performance. It is vitally important that past experience and up-to-date knowledge be incorporated in every new projects. We also have been worked with the innovative industry partners including Mitsubishi from Japan, GH from Spain, Blackbear and FITOP from Taiwan, KULI from Germany.
  • Why do we have to buy LEE’s preventive maintenance program?
  • Answer.

    Consider the preventive maintenance program as the investment, we can help you increase the productivity, while improve safety and limit accident liability risks.
  • Why does LEE has variety of products?
  • Answer.

    We know that the customer’s requirements depend on many factors. We try to fit the best compromise within the limited budget.
  • How can I be sure that LEE be the expert of those products, in other word, can I trust in LEE’s after sale service?
  • Answer.

    By co-operated with leading companies in various intensive product-knowledge / maintenance training program for skilled technicians & supervisors, LEE’staff have been encouraged to learn more in the new technology.